Volvo Penta 23410900 Fuel Pump

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Volvo Penta 23410900 Fuel Pump.

Installer MUST pre-fill filter with fuel prior to installation which will prime unit before starting engine, a dry start will void warranty

Fuel pump fits V6-200-C-G, V6-240-C-G, V6-280-C-G, V6-240-CE-G, V6-280-CE-G, V8-300-C-G, V8-350-C-G, V8-300-C-H, V8-350-C-H, V8-300-CE-G, V8-350-CE-G, V8-300-CE-H, V8-350-CE-H, V8-380-C-J, V8-430-C-J, V8-430-C-K, V8-380-C-K, V8-430-C-M, V8-380-C-M, V8-380-CE-J, V8-430-CE-J, V8-380-CE-K, V8-430-CE-K, V8-380-CE-M, V8-430-CE-M, V6-200-G, V6-240-G, V6-280-G, V6-200-C-J, V6-240-C-J, V6-280-C-J, V6-200-C-M, V6-240-C-M, V6-280-C-M, V6-240-CE-J, V6-280-CE-J, V6-280-CE-K, V6-240-CE-K, V6-240-CE-M, V6-280-CE-M, V6-200-J, V6-240-J, V6-280-J, V6-200-M, V6-240-M, V6-280-M, V8-300-C-J, V8-350-C-J, V8-300-C-K, V8-350-C-K, V8-300-C-M, V8-350-C-M and V8-300-CE-J, V8-350-CE-J, V8-300-CE-K, V8-350-CE-K, V8-300-CE-M, V8-350-CE-M model gasoline engines.

Includes both high & low pressure fuel pumps
Includes fuel filter & associated hardware

This item is not returnable, this item can only be shipped UPS ground services, UPS air services are not available.
More Information
Brand Volvo Penta Marine
Cross Reference VOLVO PENTA
  • 22058474
  • Specifications USE WITH
  • 3847644 - Fuel Water Separator
  • 3850423 - O-ring
  • 3850424 - O-ring
  • Vendor Item # 23410900
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