Dolphin Charger 399720 ProLite 12.25 12V/25A Battery Charger

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Dolphin Charger 399720 ProLite 12.25 12-Volt, 25-Amp 3-Bank Battery Charger.
Dolphin Chargers automatically sense and distribute 100% of available charging amperage to any one bank, or combination of all banks.

You always wanted a smart, silent, compact and waterproof charger. Here is the best on the market. Dolphin charger introduces PROLITE, a brand-new series of supercompact, fan-less, water-resistant (IP65) and ignition-protected (ISO 8846) Bluetooth power units, with "Dolphin Connect" App. PROLITE is your perfect choice for sailboats, center console boats, sport fishing boats and other pleasure craft. Just Plug, Play and Enjoy.

Input Voltage: 115/230V (+/-10%)
Frequency: 50/60 hz (+/-10%)
Cos: > 0,9
Efficiency: > 90%
Max Current 115V/230V: 4A/2A
Number of Output: 3
Number of Charging Curves: Open lead acid / Lead calcium / AGM-GEL / LifeSo4 + BMS
Charging Curve: 3 stages I.Uo.U
Voltage Share: +/-2%
Each output Max Current: 25 Amp (+/-5%)
Ripple: < 1% (BW < 20MHz)
Mounting: Wall-mounted 2 x M4 Screws
AC & DC Cord Length:1.8 meter / 6 feet
AC Connection: 3-wire 0,75mm stripped cable
DC Terminal: Pre-wired M8 Ring Terminals
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