Seastar Solutions HC5345-3 Cylinder Steering

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SeaStar Solutions HC5345-3 Front Mount Outboard Cylinder.

SeaStar Outboard Hydraulic Steering offers three models of steering cylinders to suit most applications. The standard and most commonly used model is the Front Mount Steering Cylinder HC5345-3. Before ordering it is necessary to determine the best possible application for your boat, taking into account the hull design, speed and usage of the boat. Keep in mind that engines today have become larger, more powerful and heavier than in the past.

NEW LOOK, Updated styling & branding, Robust barrel
NEW SEALING SYSTEM, State of the art proprietary seal material, Similar to Tournament 2, Excellent resistance to compression set, 8 hole end gland design for improved serviceability
ORB FITTINGS, Adjustable stainless steel O-ring seal (ORB) fittings

This cylinder uses the adjustable stainless steel O-ring seal (ORB) fittings
More Information
Brand SeaStar Solutions
  • HC5342
  • HC5345
  • Specifications

    USED ON:

  • 1985 TO DATE 90-150HP

  • 1996 TO DATE 75-90HP (Minimum Engine Center = 27")
  • 1998 TO DATE 30-50HP (Requires Kit HO5090)
  • 2001 TO DATE 150HP (Interference will occur when using a single HC5345-3 cylinder and HO6003 tie bar when installed in the aft hole on the steering arm Options include, a) install tie bar into most forward hole (this will limit steering articulation), b) purchase K-6 Cylinder, and tie bar kit part # HO5009. There will no be no interference when using twin HC5345-3 cylinders.)
  • 2001 TO DATE 225-250HP
  • 2003 TO DATE BF135HP
  • 2010 TO DATE 115HP

  • 1991 TO DATE 40-300HP (Inc. ETech Engines)
  • 1996 TO DATE 75-250HP
  • 2002 TO DATE 200-225HP 4-STROKE
  • 2007 TO DATE 3.3L/3.4L 200-250HP (Inc. H.O. Models.)

  • 1984 TO 1994 2.4/2.5HP EFI (May Require Extensive Cowling Modifications)
  • 1989 TO DATE 75-300HP (Minimum Engine Center = 27")
  • 1996 TO DATE 75-200HP
  • 1998 TO DATE 30-60HP (Requires Kit HO5090)
  • 2002 TO 2003 225HP 4-STROKE (HC5345-3 is optional for SINGLE ENGINE ONLY applications. DO NOT use HC5345-3 for twin engine applications as operational interference may occur.)
  • 2004 TO DATE 150-200HP VERADO

  • 1990 TO DATE 90-140HP

  • 1986 TO DATE 100HP
  • 1986 TO DATE 150-300 2 & 4 STROKE
  • 1986 TO 2002 115-140HP NOT 1996
  • 2013 TO DATE DF150 - DF175 HP

  • 1990 TO 2007 40-90HP
  • 1986 TO DATE 100-250HP 2-STROKE
  • 2000 TO DATE 150-300 HPDI
  • 2007 TO DATE 200-300 HP 4.2L V6 4-Stroke
  • 2014-DATE F115B

  • Stroke 8" (203mm)
  • Shaft Diameter .75" (19.0mm)

  • Hydraulic Steering Kit: HK6400-3
  • Hydraulic Steering Kit: HK7400-3

  • HS5157
  • Vendor Item # HC5345-3
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